The Grand Piano Keys

The midnight blue curtains are closed, the piano is open and the spotlight is concentrated. I walk, slowly, my footsteps echoing in the silence. The harsh white light is reflecting off the pure white keys and absorbed by the reflective black ones. I ease my way into the chair. It creaks. Resting my shaking fingers on the keys I sense the tension in the heavy horizontal board. I start. Glissando, legato, pianissimo. I am calm and relaxed. Allegretto, staccato, fortissimo. The world has disappeared and I am absorbed by the ringing of the hammers on the strings. Crescendo. The pace quickens; my heart beats faster. Píu allegretto. Then the semihemidemisemiquavers come in staccato and…. diminuendo, mezzopiano. I am calm; gradually aiming for that pianissimo é ritenuto. Dominant 7th arpeggiando. It was perfect. It was dolce. It was satisfying. That was Haydn and I feel alone; consumed in the music.

Written by Cameron Daubern (2016)

Published by Cameron Daubern

Singer-songwriter, Pianist , Guitarist, Actor.

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