Life as an Adjudicator’s Assistant

Last year was my last year of competing in the NESA and I had a bad case of FOMO this year so I decided to get involved in another area of the competition this year. I was an adjudicators assistant.

If you know the competition, you will know what I’m talking about. It involves sorting out the certificates, report sheets, making sure the marks have been entered correctly, that the correct award sticker is placed on each certificate. Not to mention making sure everyone is there and the competition runs on time.

It’s a challenging job, to be honest. The assistant is responsible for the adjudicator writing on the correct report sheet and that everything is signed correctly and if something goes wrong there… well… there’s only one certificate and report sheet available…

I have to confess that there were many times where I forgot to take down the sessions’ start and finish times but at least my approximations were somewhat accurate.

And I remembered to be a good host amongst all that!

Published by Cameron Daubern

Singer-songwriter, Pianist , Guitarist, Actor.

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