Meet Tony and Oscar

Oscars, Tonys, Emmys & Grammys

There’s often confusion about the differences between Oscars & Emmys and Tonys & Grammys. It’s quite simple really: if you know all of them, you’ll never think one is the same as the other because you will understand the differences (which are quite big actually in the industry). So without further a-due:Oscars

  • Oscars: Awarded for Film
  • Emmys: Awarded for Television
  • Tonys: Awarded for Broadway & Theatre
  • Grammys: Awarded to Recording Artists

See, it’s not that bad 😊. Now you won’t feel unknowledgeable the next time it comes up in conversation!

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Improvising in a Pop Style


Although ‘pop’ is a very loose term (from the word ‘popular’), the common consensus is that pop music as we know it today derives from rock ’n’ roll music in the 1950s. Since then it has progressed through many phases and directions, often linked to a decade or period of time. Yet despite this massive variation there are many key trends adopted by the vast majority of pop tunes. These include relatively short length pieces (2-4 mins), repeated choruses and structures featuring repetition, simple drum grooves and ‘hooks’ – melodic lines or other musical features, designed to be as catchy and instantly recognisable as possible.

The basic pop song structure looks like the below, although variations (including added ‘pre-chorus’ sections) also often occur.


The style is often influenced by other genres, such as rock, soul, Latin or dance, and has provided some of the biggest names in recent musical history…

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What Great Musicians Have in Common

What Do Great Musicians Have in Common? DNA

New study shows it’s a myth that a lot of practice will necessarily bring greatness

E2258B87-1371-4039-BFADA21989D79C03At age 13, jazz great Thelonious Monk ran into trouble at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. The reason: he was too good. The famously precocious pianist was, as they say, a “natural,” and by that point had won the Apollo’s amateur competition so many times that he was barred from re-entering. To be sure, Monk practiced, a lot actually. But two new studies, and the fact that he taught himself to read music as a child before taking a single lesson, suggest that he likely had plenty of help from his genes. Continue reading