The Grand Piano Keys

The midnight blue curtains are closed, the piano is open and the spotlight is concentrated. I walk, slowly, my footsteps echoing in the silence. The harsh white light is reflecting off the pure white keys and absorbed by the reflective black ones. I ease my way into the chair. It creaks. Resting my shaking fingersContinue reading “The Grand Piano Keys”

Meet Tony and Oscar

Oscars, Tonys, Emmys & Grammys There’s often confusion about the differences between Oscars & Emmys and Tonys & Grammys. It’s quite simple really: if you know all of them, you’ll never think one is the same as the other because you will understand the differences (which are quite big actually in the industry). So withoutContinue reading “Meet Tony and Oscar”

What Great Musicians Have in Common

What Do Great Musicians Have in Common? DNA New study shows it’s a myth that a lot of practice will necessarily bring greatness At age 13, jazz great Thelonious Monk ran into trouble at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. The reason: he was too good. The famously precocious pianist was, as they say, a “natural,” and byContinue reading “What Great Musicians Have in Common”

Google Forms

Application form – If you are looking for music lessons Shop – Buy merchandise, books, songs etc NESA – If you want to enter the National Eisteddfod Feedback – Let me know what you think Terms and Conditions Trinity College London exam entries – If you want to enter for examinations SACOPA solo entries form – If you want to enterContinue reading “Google Forms”