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Piano Lessons

Music Theory Lessons

Competition Training

Exam Preparation

Creativity Enhancing Lessons

Writing Workshops


A few general details concerning lessons:

  • My students come from many different locations. I, therefore, cannot make home visits for lessons at this point in time.
  • I currently work at Upstage Concepts (competition seasons impact working hours), I am a NESA adjudicator (competition dates impact working hours) and have an admin position in a company in Botswana (occasional travel). This means that I cannot always be available for the time slot selected. This is why I prefer to schedule lessons on a week-to-week basis.
  • I require all intermediate / prep and advanced / highschool and above students to enter into at least one competition each year. Exams are not mandatory.
  • Students cannot be attending any other on going music lessons while being trained by Cameron Daubern. This does not apply to once off workshops.
  • Fees for the upcoming month should be paid in full on the first day of each month (This does not apply to competition / exam fees).
  • If you would like theory lessons, I recommend online lessons as this can be done in your own time and cuts travel costs (only available for beginners / juniors and intermediate / prep).
  • There is a once off registration fee of R200 for the first child (thereafter R50 per additional child). This includes a personalized student pack and access to your online portal.
  • Where I can, I provide resources and loan books / music to students at a competitive price. This reduces costs of you having to purchase multiple books and resources.
  • You will receive a quote based on age and level once you complete the following form:

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